New electronics ban may affect how you travel

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — When you’re catching a flight, you gotta make sure you pack all the essentials, right?

Money, undies, and don’t forget your laptop! Well, you may be forced to fly without that one.

The U.S. issued a major order banning passengers from carrying on certain electronics from eight different countries with direct flights to the United States. There’s concern about explosives being smuggled onto commercial flights.

Don’t flip out, you can take your phone, but anything bigger than a smart phone has to be checked in your baggage. That means no laptop, no tablet, no nothing!

Ten different airports in the Middle East and Africa will be affected. No U.S. airlines are on the list because they don’t have any direct flights from these airports to the United States. And now, the U.K. is getting on board. Shortly after the U.S. announced restrictions, the British filed a similar ban.

One thing is for sure, our safety is more important than our social media!

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