New Apple TV May Include Original Programming

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CUPERTINO, CA — While it looks like Apple has a few more things to learn about watches, the tech company looks like it’s destined to take over TV. Apple’s newest toy will be a completely revamped Apple TV.

Although the anticipated features of better hardware, Siri integration and gaming are great, there’s another feature that could blow all those out of the water — original programming.

According to Variety magazine, Apple is at least exploring jumping into the original programming pool. Netflix and Hulu already swimming in that pool and their apps are currently available on Apple TV.

Apple has already planted its flag into the music landscape with iTunes and the newly released streaming service Apple Music. For now, we don’t know whether Apple will try to produce TV series or movies.

What we do know is that Apple definitely has the cash for production costs. The company reportedly has more than $200 billion in cash to work with.

So, when Apple unveils its new set-top box on September 9th, don’t be surprised if they announce plans to take a big bite into Hollywood.

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