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CUPERTINO, CA – For the past week, Apple has been in the spotlight for refusing a court order to help the FBI unlock a cell phone. The Feds want to see what’s on the phone of the suspect in the San Bernardino shootings that left 14 dead.

But Apple says sorry, no can do.

And while many people have weighed in on who’s right and who’s wrong, in an interview Wednesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said creating a way for the FBI to gain access to their devices is the software equivalent of cancer.


Well, regardless of their ability to crack the code, Apple is reportedly working to make it even harder to unlock their phones. And it seems the time is now, especially when you consider the recent Play-Doh hack, which involves pressing your finger on the clay. And by the looks of things, it’s pretty fool-proof. It looks like you can do the same with gorilla glue!

So what have we learned? iPhone’s can be hacked by a kindergarten class, but not the FBI?

Guess only time will tell if the roles will somehow be reversed in the game of technology and child’s Play-Doh.