Nerd Year’s Eve Honors Carrie Fisher & Marvel Genius Stan Lee

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DALLAS — “Carrie Fisher is Sci-Fi. Like, she made Sci-Fi for women,” said Cosplayer MCubed.

Heavy praise for an actress who earned all of it with what she described as a big personality instead of looks.

Less than a week after the Galaxy lost its princess, Carrie Fisher wasn’t mourned but celebrated at Dallas’ Marvelous Nerd Year’s Eve.

There was no surprise who was there with the inside info on Princess Leia. It was North Texas resident and the most famous Wookiee in the world, Peter Mayhew, the man behind Chewbacca. He came out with his wife, Angie, Saturday, and they took fans back to the beginning.

“Carrie had a habit,” Angie Mayhew said. “She would walk over to Peter. She’d crawl up in his lap, and they had a thing. It wasn’t unusual. It was normal for them. Peter introduced me as his wife. She looked at me, ‘What was your name again?’ ‘Hi, Carrie. I’m Angie!’ I went through a grilling, a grilling from the Princess to see if I could pass muster because she was not at all sure if my intentions were pure toward Peter.”

Mayhew was Carrie’s safe place, and she obviously was protective of the big guy.

With so many friends and fans left behind, including Peter and Angie, the message for Princess Leia is unanimous.

“I know all of you will raise a glass for Carrie tonight,” Angie Mayhew said.

One of those likely to join in is the event’s special guest this year, Marvel genius Stan Lee. He turned 94 this week and was dishing out valuable life lessons.

“Don’t murder anybody. Don’t rob any banks,” Lee laughed.

After a year of non-stop celebrity loss, his wish for his 94th birthday seemed especially real.

“To have a 95th!” he laughed again.

So here’s to those we lost and also to those larger than life stars we still have with us.

Here’s the full (and delightful) interview with Stan Lee:

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