Neiman Marcus Presents 2015 Christmas Book with Keanu Reeves!

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DALLAS — What’s your fantasy? The 2015 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is finally here!

“Just because we’ve grown up, doesn’t mean that you can’t still fantasize about things. Your fantasies just get a little larger,” said Ginger Reeder, VP Corporate Communications at Neiman Marcus.

Normally, there’s a huge presentation of the surprise fantasy gift, but there’s a twist this year. You can only access it on the app.  This year, it’s an interactive mirror.

One of the other gifts was an Arch Motorcycle. In a big surprise, actor Keanu Reeves rode in on the bike. Wonder if he’s part of the gift. Turns out, he is!

“In addition to the motorcycle, you will fly to Los Angeles and you will ride with Keanu and his partner Guard Hollinger,” said Reeder.

Things in the Christmas book range from $10 to $400,000.  The most expensive is an experience in India.

“That’s what we try to achieve every year, is to get something for everybody,” Reeder said.

“We are offering Neiman Marcus customers the opportunity of a lifetime to go up to space very gently, very comfortably, very luxuriously, so you can see the earth from space while you’re sipping your favorite beverage with your best friend,” World View CEO Jane Poynter said.

“Today, we have this wonderful cabinet, but within this cabinet, we have some of the rarest Bourbon that’s available in the world today,” Ewan Morgan, National Director of Masters of Whiskey said.

“I just had two of them,” Arnold Wayne Jones said.  “It’s very delicious, and the cabinet, it’s awesome! I wish I could get it!”

Just 80 shopping days left until Christmas!

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