Neiman Marcus Christmas Book’s Fantasy Gifts are More Expensive than Ever!

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DALLAS — Holiday season is here and you know that means the hunt is on for the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Neiman Marcus wants to help you out. On Wednesday, they presented their fantasy gifts in the 90th edition of the Christmas Book. Let’s just say it’s more like gifts for the rich and famous.

Every year since 1926, the luxury store has released a list of fantasy gifts most people can only dream of getting and this year is no different.

“I get about 200 proposals a year from all over the country, from different vendors, from our buyers who see something and I narrow it down to about 30 into a selection committee. We sort of arm wrestle until we come up with ten that we think are great,” says Ginger Reeder, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Neiman Marcus.

For the actor in your life, you can get a walk-on role on the Broadway Musical Waitress for a price tag of $30,000!

Not sure what to get the star athlete? Well for $65,000, how about a private quarterback session with “Joe Cool” himself? You know, Joe Montana.

If you’re feeling like giving a lot this year, what about a $1.5 million dollar private plane ride or a $100,000 collection of children books? Can you imagine?

With gifts like this, you’ll have to daydream, because that’s the closest most of us will ever get.


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