Neil Young Wants Donald Trump to Get A New Song

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NEW YORK, NY — So, we were all a little thrown off by Donald Trump’s big presidential announcement. But it was no shocker that the billionaire talked on and on about how big his pockets are.

Okay, we get it, Trump! You’re loaded!

But, apparently those Trump checks aren’t talking loud enough  for rocker Neil Young.  After this presidential wannabe’s grand entrance  to “Rockin’ In the Free World,” Young’s manager quickly sent out a statement saying Trump didn’t have permission to use the iconic song.

And Young made it clear that he’s rockin’ with Bernie Sanders.


But, Trump isn’t the only one whose political play lists been trumped by a music artist. Tom Petty threatened to sue George Bush if his campaign didn’t stop using “I Won’t Back Down.”

Florida Governor Charlie Crist sent out an apology to David Byrne after a campaign ad featured his band’s song “Road to Nowhere.”

And then there’s that embarrassing tweet from The Dropkick Murphys to Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker:


Hey, we’re pretty sure Mr. Trump will have no trouble cashing in on another theme song , but as far as Young’s concerned, he can’t rock in the free world.

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