Neighborhood Watch: Community Reacts to News of Second Ebola Case

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Dallas — It wasn’t a typical Sunday morning in Dallas’ M-streets.  Neighbors who live on the 5700 blk of Marquita Ave. woke up only to find media swarming their block, and news that their neighbor tested positive for Ebola.

The Marquita neighborhood in east Dallas has quickly became the newest center of the Ebola scare.

Late Saturday night, haz mat crews crews cleaned out patient two’s apartment. CDC officials also went door to door, telling folks the not-so-good-news.

“Open up the door and she immediately hands me a flier and says there has been a confirmed case of Ebola,” neighbor Will Alexander recalled. “I just couldn`t really collect my thoughts at that point, it was kind of surreal.”

Well, that’s understandable, considering that’s not the kind of news you hear every day.

“I saw it on Twitter. I was looking for some college football scores and I saw 5700 Marquita and I was like what!? That’s my house,” Libby Franks said.

Mayor Mike Rawlings even dropped by the community to keep fears in check. Neighbors say they’re shocked, but they’re trying to keep their cool.

“She was a nurse so I hope that she was taking precautions, and knew that she had been around that patient,” Franks added. “Just the whole idea that Ebola is in Dallas, and is in America, it’s just scary.”

Health officials say the patient has a pet, and they’re discussing options. So now the waiting game, part two, begins.

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