Neighborhood Reacts to School Selected as Potential Site for Immigrant Kids

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A former alternative school is now a potential alternative to the immigration crisis. In Grand Prairie, Lamar Alternative Education Center, might not sit empty for long.

The campus has been tapped as a possible location to house some migrant children.
The abandoned school is nestled in the middle of a neighborhood. NewsFix spoke to some area residents about their thoughts on the idea of potentially turning the campus into a shelter.

“I’m for it man,” resident Lance Villarreal said. “I think that they’re kids. They’re not convicted felons coming from El Salvador. They didn’t come here gang-banging. They’re kids.”

As many as 2,000 immigrant children are expected to be shifted from over-crowded South Texas shelters to three spots throughout Dallas County. Judge Clay Jenkins rolled out the welcome mat on Thursday, announcing the three possible locations. Jenkins said he’s aware the move will be challenging .

Even still, some groups are mobilizing efforts in preparation of the arrival.

“We belong to a church and we’re trying to help out the community and help out these parents so that way they can feel better,” Reina Sanchez said.

“They can feel that we love them, even though we don’t know them, but we feel the love, the need so we’re there to help out.”

Help that offers a temporary solution of an overwhelming situation.​

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