Nazi No-No: Fort Worth Man Wants Nazi Flag Out of His Home

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FORT WORTH — Joe Ross is a former history teacher at Cleburne High School and superintendent of Fort Worth ISD. He says back in 1965, one of his students had a flag for show and tell. The pupil said it was captured off a pole by his father during World War II.

That kid gave the flag to Ross.

Now, 50 years later, the former teacher is worried something might happen to him and someone will find the flag on their own.

“I don’t want somebody to look in my cabinets and say, ‘What in the world is he doing with a Nazi flag?!” Ross told NewsFix.

Ross says he can’t remember the student that gave him the flag to find out more about it, but he says he’s gotten several suggestions on what he should do with the banner.

“Why don’t I burn it, throw it in the trash,” he said. “Well, it is evil.  But that’s not the place for it.”

Being a history buff, Ross now wants to donate the Nazi symbol to a museum in Cleburne, since that’s where the soldier was from.

In the mean time, Ross just wants this flag to be history, “Can’t wait to get rid of this one.”

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