Natural Born Killers: Texas High On Disaster List

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IRVING, TX — They are what you would call natural born killers. Twisters, hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes can happen in a moment’s notice.

Texas is one of the rare places where you can experience them all.

This is probably why the Lone Star State is high on the list of Corelogic’s recent survey which identifies areas of the country most likely to suffer damage from natural hazards i.e., mother nature. It turns out Texas ranks 14th out of all the states.

The folks over in Irving aren’t going to dispute that recognition because some of them got an early morning wake-up call Thursday. At 3:30 a.m., the U.S. Geological Survey recorded 2.9 magnitude quake just north of the North Texas suburb.

This movement caused concerned homeowners to flood 911 dispatchers with calls.

Luckily, no damage or injuries were reported.

Not to make anybody nervous, but this is the second minor earthquake to hit North Texas in the last four days.

A 2.4 quake rattled the city of Arlington on Sunday. So, what is the deal with all this recent seismic activity? You surely didn’t hear this from us. But, did anyone say — what the frack?!

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