National Spelling Bee Co-Champ returns to Texas

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Spelling Bee Champ Says Words Were Not a Big DealEuless, TX- The champ is here. We’re talking about Ansun Sujoe who stung like a bee in Maryland at the National Spelling Bee; bringing the title back to Texas.

You would think the competition would make the Euless teen sweat, but the words didn’t seem to be a big deal.

“Very few of them I had to think a little bit before spelling it,” Sujoe said. “Most of them I knew before spelling.”

However Sujoe isn’t a lone star. He shares the victory as co-champ with a speller from New York. Sharing a title isn’t something that happens often.

“It hasn’t happened in 52 years,” Sujoe informed Newsfix.

Now that the competition is over, many are curious to know what the super speller has up his sleeve for the future.

“I’m still pretty open but I would like to pursue the technology field,” Sujoe said. “Computers, science, engineering; all that stuff.”

Rumble young man. Rumble.

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