AUSTIN (KXAN) — After pandemic-related learning loss, Texas students are starting to show signs of recovery, but they’re still facing challenges in some areas. The 2022 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), or the “Nation’s Report Card,” shows Texas is doing better than most of the U.S. in terms of academic recovery.

The Texas Education Agency said in a press release that Texas’s NAEP results show improvement in fourth and eighth grade reading, but acknowledged that “much work remains” in math.

“While the performance of Texas relative to the rest of the country is notable and mostly positive, the impact of the pandemic on student performance remains stark,” the release said.

Average scores for the U.S. are down in all tested grades and subjects on the 2022 Report Card compared to 2019, which was the last time the test was administered.

In Texas, results in reading are not statistically significantly different compared to 2019, which indicates that students are recovering well from the impacts of the pandemic in that subject. However, Texas students’ performance in math in 2022 is statistically significantly lower than it was three years ago, even though Texas students have seen fewer declines than those in other states.

The NAEP is administered by the National Center for Education Statistics and is overseen by the National Assessment Governing Board, and it measures what students in the U.S. know and can do in various subjects over time and compares achievement among states, large urban districts, and various student groups.

TEA said in the release that while NAEP is a good barometer of statewide performance for Texas vs. the U.S., state assessments like the State of Texas Academic Readiness (STAAR) provide additional insights.

STAAR results that were released earlier this year provided information about our state’s learning recovery when compared to 2021, and schools are using STAAR to implement targeted action plans to help students. When compared with results from 2019, STAAR results for 2022 yield similar conclusions as those from NAEP: Texas students are recovering in reading, but math performance is weaker today than it was pre-pandemic. 

While NAEP results for individual students or schools are not available, parents can also log into to see detailed STAAR results for their children, with information on where their children are academically, information on progress compared to previous years, and parents can view every question and response from their children on each STAAR test.