National Guardsman Ready for Border

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PLANO — Major Andrew White of the National Guard is ready to answer Texas Governor Rick Perry’s call.

“Got my gear ready to go.’

Major Andrew White of the National Guard is ready to answer the governor`s call.

‘If I am one of those individuals called up.’ White said.  ‘I`ll simply follow the orders to the best of my abilities and help mentor and lead the men and women who serve underneath me.’

White could be one of one thousand troops called to action.

‘We`ll be supporting the border security.  Anything farther than that I`m really not aware of what we will be doing.  Cause it hasn`t been published yet,’ White explains.

Governor Perry`s plan to secure the border will cost taxpayers around twelve million dollars a month.  He says the guard will be a visual presence there to assist the local authorities.  Critics say this is just a show of force with no legal authority to take on drug dealers or turn back kids crossing the border.

‘It`s waste of money,’ Carlos Quintanilla, an immigration activist, says.  ‘If you talk to law enforcement.  People that live there.  They see no purpose for sending national guard troops to the valley.’

Perry`s Detractors say this is all about putting Perry in a presidential spotlight.

‘To catapult himself his ambition to become President of the United States and that`s shameful,’ Quintanilla says.

This isn`t about politics for Major White.  It`s about serving your country and being ready to spring into action at anytime.

‘It`s not a blue thing.  It`s not a red thing.  Our uniforms are green,’ Major White says.

And if White isn`t called to duty he will continue his crusade to help veterans become acclimated to civilian life.  A radio host of ‘Kilroy`s Conversation, A Voice for Veterans.’ It entails everything related to veterans.

‘We do strategic networking with corporations and businesses that are veteran friendly,’ Major White explains.  ‘And address topics that directly affect veterans.  Everything from VA benefits, to education, how to get loans, and assist them in navigating through the system.’

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