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DALLAS–The third annual National Animal Rights Day took place in downtown Dallas.

But, what is this day all about?

“It’s a day we set aside its celebrated across the country and actually across the world and its to recognize our use and abuse of animals. It’s to put a face on animal suffering whether that is on our plates or in animal labs all the ways we abuse animals,” Susan Oakey, organizer said.

Every year National Rights Day holds a ceremony with demonstrators holding dead animals a as a reminder to others of the millions of animals killed and abused every year for pleasure, business, and science.

“If we were here just holding a signs may be less interest in it and we really want to call attention to the abuse of animals.” Oakey said.

The event marked by the slogan, “Our planet. Theirs too.” hopes to end animal suffering.

“Every single second of every single day animals are dying and I mean we care but we are doing as much as we can and its still not enough. There is so much pain and death in this world that goes unnoticed and we are just trying to notice it a little bit.” Raya Wright, activist said.

While dead animals may seem extreme, for these folks it’s all about saving lives.