Napster is Making a Comeback

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LOS ANGELES --  Napster is back. Well, sort of.

Music streaming site Rhapsody just announced they’re changing their name to Napster.

Come on, you remember Napster. It was created by 19-year old Shawn Fanning. At the time, it was the only "free" music sharing site. Yeah, it definitely changed how we listened to music back in the day.

Well, it didn't last long. Napster was sued because sharing free music is essentially sharing pirated music and that's illegal!

Napster isn't the only streaming service that fell out of tune. Rdio! and Rara are also long gone.

Yet, these days there are plenty of streaming services to choose from. Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music still have people busting out their headphones.

Even Myspace (yes, Myspace) was able to re-create itself into a strictly music service.

Then there's Tidal, founded by big name artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Madonna. For this music streaming service, its main focus is the artists. It gives them the highest royalties of any music streaming service.

It also allows them to release their albums exclusively to Tidal, making it harder to hear their jams anywhere else.

As far we know, nothing but the name is changing for Rhapsody. You'll still have to pay to play.  What we do know is now, you can do it in the name of Napster.

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