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PLANO — Could there be an answer in the Christina Morris case?

The mystery man walking with the missing woman in the surveillance video at the Shops of Legacy in Plano is identified as a high school friend.

Christina Morris’ parents think he knows something.

“I went to his house to talk to him, and he told me his lawyer wouldn’t let him say anything,” Christina’s father Mark Morris said.

So family and friends parked outside his house with signs, demanding that he talk to them.

“We just want to know what he knows.  We’re not accusing him of anything,” Morris said. “Compassion? No, not one bit.”

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“Not one time did he say that he was sorry what happened or anything,” Christina’s mother Jonni McElroy said.

“’[No] I wish I would’ve done this,’ or nothing,” Morris added.

He was the last known person to see Christina August 30th.

“They walked into the parking garage together. He leaves, she doesn’t,” he added.  “I know my daughter. I know she would’ve made him walk her to the car.  It doesn’t make sense.”

“He hasn’t helped out with one search.  Have some compassion, think if it was your brother or your sister,” McElroy said.

Plano PD says they don’t have the evidence that makes this a criminal case.

“All the people that were with Christina that evening, we’ve talked to.  Some of them, we’ve talked to multiple times.  We haven’t cleared anyone that was with her that evening,” PIO David Tilley said.

Meanwhile, it’s been almost two months since Christina vanished.  No new clues, but her mother still hopes Christina will call.

On her outgoing voicemail message, McElroy says, “Hi Christina, this is mommy.. .Make sure you leave as much information as you can and I’ll be right there.  I love you so much.