Shootout inside Arlington sports bar ends with customer killing gunman

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ARLINGTON — Two people are dead following a shootout inside Zona Caliente Sports Bar & Grill in Arlington.

About 15 people were having dinner Wednesday night when James Jones stormed into the restaurant on South Cooper. Witnesses say Jones entered the bar and confronted Cesar Perez, the bar’s manager.

“Jones began yelling but was incoherent,” Arlington PD Lt. Christopher Cook said in a statement.

Perez approached Jones in an effort to calm him down, which led Jones to fatally shooting Perez in the head and chest.

Before Jones could make a run for it or kill anyone else, a customer, who has a concealed handgun license, pulled out his own gun, told his wife to take cover, and fatally shot Jones.

Police investigated the crime scene and found a second fully loaded handgun and two knives on Jones.

They are investigating whether Jones had a mental issue or was under the influence.

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