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DALLAS — The latest episode of the Johnny Manziel Show aired Thursday. The professional partier had an interesting start to his Cinco de Mayo as his “pregame” included a court appearance in Dallas.

The judge presented Manziel with two conditions for his bond starting with — no contact with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley who says Manziel ruptured her eardrum in a fight. The second condition — Manziel can’t possess any firearms.

Surprisingly, the judge presented no restrictions on Manziel traveling or consuming alcohol.

Manziel stirred up some controversy when some wondered if he was shooting a good ole one-fingered salute in court.

The hearing comes one day after Manziel smirked for this mugshot after turning himself in to the Highland Park Police Department. He’s on a $1,500 bond.

manziel mugshot
Johnny Manziel (Highland Park PD)

Even though the former QB is no longer playing football, he still has cheerleaders including local attorney Rachel Rustmann.

“I’ve been a huge supporter of Johnny Manziel,” Rustmann said. “I think the trial is going to show, if it even goes to trial, that these are baseless accusations and it’s based on a lot of hearsay.”

The judge set the next court date for June 24th, although Manziel isn’t required to appear in person.

We have a feeling there’ll be another episode of the Johnny Manziel Show before then.