Mudiay Skips SMU, Heads Overseas

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Mudiay Skips SMU, Heads Overseas

DALLAS – It’s official. Emmanuel Mudiay is saying ixnay to college basketball.

After signing with SMU, the Prime Prep grad decided to skip college and take his talents elsewhere. Overseas to be exact.

The 6’5” point guard is looking to play professionally across the pond.

So what prompted his decision to go pro? Money. And he wants to help support his mother.

Who couldn’t agree with that? Apparently a lot of people. Many folks say Mudiay easily could have been a contender for the number one draft pick one day.

Mudiay seemed to have reservations about all of the hype.

“I’ve seen a lot people that were ranked nationally and today they’re at home,” Mudiay said. “They’re not really doing nothing with their lives.”

It looks like the mustang will need a new money player.

Talk about a mood-iay swing.

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