Mr. Twitter Fingers Trump Back at it With Recount Rant

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President-Elect Donald Trump goes on another Twitter rant


NEW YORK CITY —  President-Elect Donald Trump is livid that Hillary Clinton is joining Jill Stein’s recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

So, in true Trump fashion, he jumped on Twitter early Sunday morning…


And he let Clinton have it!


Clinton’s campaign team has repeatedly said they joined the effort NOT to contest the results, but to ensure that the election was fair to all sides. It’s a viewpoint that Bernie Sanders backed up on Sunday.

“I don’t think that Hillary Clinton, who got 2 million more votes than Mr. Trump in the popular election, thinks that it’s gonna transform the election,” Sanders said. “But do people have the legal right to do it, yeah, we do.”

As Trump attacks the recount, his former campaign manager turned senior advisor, is taking issue with him and his possible cabinet appointments.

Well, at least one of them.

“The number of people who feel betrayed to think that Gov. Romney would get the most prominent Cabinet post after he went so far out of his way to hurt Donald Trump,” Kellyanne Conway said.

Yep, the same guy that called Trump a “phony” and “a fraud” just might be our next Secretary of State. It’s a prospect that worries both Trump’s most loyal supporters and his greatest critics.

So, it looks like Trump is getting it from both sides.

And even though security at Trump Tower has been increased since the election, not even the Secret Service could stop this. Someone was able to rename Trump’s home the ‘Dump Tower’ on Google Maps.

The cherry on top of a crappy and critical week for the President-Elect.

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