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DENTON, TX — Christina Morris has been missing for two weeks now, and her family still has no idea what happened to the 23-year-old.

Only a few people can imagine what Christina’s family is going through. Jan Bynum is one of them.

“As a mother you go, my child is out there somewhere. She needs me. She needs help,” Bynum said. “I know that’s what Christina’s mom is going through.”

Bynum’s own daughter Kelli Cox disappeared in July 1997.

The 20-year-old UNT student was on a field trip to the Denton Police Department. She called her boyfriend from a payphone at a nearby gas station to tell him she was locked out of her car. When he got there, Kelli was nowhere to be found.

Kelli left behind a daughter, now 18 and going to college. Bynum says she is a spitting image of Kelli.

“Sometimes it’s painful because it’s like raising Kelly again and in other ways it’s so joyful,” she said.

Bynum says that her granddaughter, Alexis has helped her get through the disappearance of her daughter. But she still holds on to the hope that one day, Kelli will come home.

“We keep a big yellow ribbon on the tree in the front yard, and we keep a little electric candle in the window and we’ve done that ever since her disappearance,” Bynum said

As for Christina’s family, well, the candle that sits in Bynum’s window shines bright enough to bring hope that both women will come home.

“Let people help you,” Bynum said. “And don’t give up hope.”