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DALLAS — A third case of the Zika virus has been diagnosed in Dallas County. So once again, Dallas is one of the centers for a new foreign disease. Is anybody having

Is anybody having Ebola flashbacks?

It’s starting to freak out athletes ahead of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this summer. Hope Solo of the women’s national soccer team said, as of now, she won’t go to Rio for the Olympics.

But for one man, Zika fears can mean money in the bank. Meet Mosquito Steve!

That’s right, Mosquito Steve also known as Steve Moore is in the business of getting rid of mesquites, and business is booming.

“I’m selling misting systems and yard sprays in February, which just never happens,” he says

Mosquito Steve has been making all-natural mosquito repellents since 2008. You can spray it on your skin or even cover your yard with it.

“We’ve got a whole line of natural products that are actually more effective than the toxic ones,” says Steve.

Even though he’s profiting off concerns about Zika, Mosquito Steve doesn’t think people should be too freaked out about the disease in DFW.

“I don’t want people to be alarmed. I don’t want people to make decisions based on fear. Now if you’re pregnant, it’s something to be concerned about. But for the most part, the Zika virus is not as deadly as dengue fever or West Nile virus.”

The CDC says there is no evidence that U.S. mosquitos are carrying the virus. The U.S. cases have started with people traveling to infected areas, but for many, you can never be too safe.