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Howdy Homemade is serving up far more than delicious ice cream flavors. “The best part about coming to work is seeing smiles on people’s faces and employee’s faces,” Coleman Jones says.

Jones is VP of this ice cream shop, dedicated to seeing the potential of everyone -– even those with special needs. “It’s a legacy, is what this is, and what we want to do with this is re-frame the future,” he says.

And his co-worker agrees. “I can make someone’s day happier when they are feeling sad. I can make someone’s day magic,” Kathleen Ganso says.

Teacher Yvette Cardenas has been working with Howdy since Day #1 and says this shop is changing lives. “All of these experiences have been fabulous for our young adults. It’s social skills, money skills, people skills and independent living skills,” she says.

This year, the students will even be working at the State Fair of Texas, and the overall goal with Howdy is to set an example — for businesses across the country — that young adults with special needs can work, want to work, and will do it with a little extra dose of happiness on top .

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