Morning Hope: Dallas Hope Center offers relief for homeless LGBTQ teens rejected by their families

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DALLAS -- More than a million and a half teens experience homelessness each year in our country. 40 percent of those kids identify as LGBTQ.

Nearly half say they're homeless because their family rejected them.

In today's Morning Hope, Dallas Hope Center wants to help those teens put a roof over their heads.

The hope center's room is a beacon of hope for homeless LGBTQ youth in North Texas, a shining light for those often times kicked to the streets by their own families.

“We wanted to help combat that and say 'you know what, you are loved just as you are. Come in just as you are and we want to help you.'” says Jason Vallejo, Executive Director of Dallas Hope Charities.

Dallas Hope Center is the newest venture for Dallas Cathedral Of Hope. They're starting the project with an apartment - but hope to expand to an entire shlter.

Vallejo says “Now with this transitional space, we are committing to letting our residents stay for up to a year."

This space will not only serve as a safe place to sleep for these teens, but as a launching pad for their future.

“We want them to come in and get those life skills needed to go do a job interview. We want these individuals to feel successful." says Vallejo. "We want them to succeed in this program. We want to help them get up on their feet and be able to go out in the community and be able to pay it forward and be able to be self sufficient.”

But they need your help to make that happen - to get involved visit

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