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DALLAS – The National Children’s Advocacy Center is a non-profit that serves in helping child abuse victims in more than a thousand centers around the country, including right here in Dallas.

DCAC is a membership-based program working to reduce the re-victimization of children by bringing all the services they need under one roof, at no cost.
The organization works with public and private agencies like, Child Protective Services, the Dallas Police Department, the District Attorney’s Office, therapists, and more.

DCAC focuses on taking all the barriers that may prevent or slow down recovery away.

“If they can’t get here because they can’t afford gas, we give them a gas card. They can’t get here because their car is broken down, we’ll send a cab to pick them up. So we take all the barriers away, so the family can get put back together and live and happy and healthy life, DCAC CEO Lynn Davis says.

Children receive professional help from therapists on staff, focusing on the trauma and getting children past all the bad in their lives.