More Protests in McKinney Over Resigned Officer

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MCKINNEY, TX — The story broke a week ago and it seems like everybody is still talking about McKinney. While the video is old news, the outrage isn’t going away.

“At the end of the day what happened at the end of this 7 minute video was just un-defenseable and unprofessional.” Minister Dominique Alexander, President, Next Generation Action Network said at a  press conference Friday.

“We’re going to assemble here at 7 pm at the McKinney Police Department to rally and protest and march, to the Collin county district attorney’s office.” Alexander said

The group says folks from all over the country are on their way to McKinney,
to call for the termination of officer Casebolt.

the cop at the center of the controversy resigned earlier this week but since he wasn’t fired he will keep his benefits and could get a job as a cop somewhere else.

“If he does get another job as an officer than I wish him the best of luck.” 18 year old Adrian martin was the only person actually arrested by Casebolt. The video that went viral, martin says, shows he wasn’t doing anything that would cause the now-controversial cop to point his gun at him.

“My friend actually bumps into me twice and I slip and it looks like I`m kind of charging towards the officer but in reality i wasn’t i just accidentally slipped and got bumped into’

Despite being handcuffed, martin says he doesn’t hold any grudges towards Casebolt and just wants to *move on* from the McKinney mishap.

“I wasn’t I was just disappointed. It was pretty scary.”

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