Monopoly Makeover: Board Game Reflects the Trump Era

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We all love Monopoly, right?

Monopoly is the game that lasts forever, causes chaos and sometimes may even ruin friendships!

Well, the game board classic just got a Presidential upgrade!

“Introducing TRUMPED, Making Board Games Great Again!”

That’s right; Alice and Gary Hocker, a couple from North Texas, came up with a new way to cope with the emotions from the election.

“Every time we would get together there would be something that would come up about one of the candidates and somebody’s opinion and it would get emotional and uncomfortable,” says Gary.

Alice says, “The election was filled with so many emotions, it didn’t matter what side you were on, those emotions ran high and deep and I said you know what we need to do? We need to make a game!”

And they did! The idea came to them on a day trip to Houston.

“Gary already in his mind knew how the game board would be designed, we had already put together a lot of the cards. We have Trumped and Dumped cards,” says Alice.

Just like Monopoly, you’re in a race but this time, you’re racing for the White House!

“You have all the different spaces around here but instead of it being real estate and property what you’re actually buying is an influence. You buy influence with the media, you go through the House of Representatives, you buy a Congressman, and you go to the Senate and buy more Congressmen, through the Supreme Court, where you can buy judges until you finally get to the White House!,” explained Gary.

Right now, the game is a prototype but they do have a Kickstarter account. So, if you like the sound of this Trump board game, do your part and maybe it’ll help make America great again.


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