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DALLAS — Oh, baby, this isn’t your momma’s Yoga class.

Oh, Baby Fitness at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas helps new mommies get their groove back, while using their ‘baby weight’ to their advantage.

“We use them as strengthening tools and they use it for balance, and sometimes they just crawl around in the classroom,” Jill Johnson with Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas said. Johnson is the hospital’s parent education coordinator.

In this Yoga class, child’s pose takes on a whole new meaning.

“Typically, I bring both of them and they’re usually both awake,” Yoga mom Vanessa Beckstrom said of the class and her twins’ involvement. “We’ll do part of the class on a front carrier, which they enjoy. They love the movement, and then we actually do part of the class on the mat.”

“There are many benefits of it; it strengthens their core muscles, preparing them for labor and to get themselves back in shape after the delivery,” Johnson explained.

Not to mention, doctors believe the movement and social interaction cuts down on postpartum depression.

So Namaste, baby.