Mom With A Message: Woman Mistaken for Criminal Speaks

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How could we forget that one traffic stop that shook up a Forney family?

Well, Kametra Barbour hasn't -- and maybe never will.

Barbour remembers that night quite well, her hands up in the air, then shackled in cuffs.

But the most horrifying moment… her 6 six year old son climbing out of the car with his hands up, too.

Barbour says she asked her son, Ryan, "'Why did you put your hands up?' He said, 'Mamma, I saw you put your hands up, so I did what you did.'"

It all started with a 911 call and a mix up.

Forney cops were apparently looking for a carload of young men, one who was seen brandishing a gun out the window.

But that’s not the car the cops pulled over.

Tuesday, the mom behind the wheel spoke out at a local church about being pulled over – at night - with 4 kids under the age of 10.

“I don’t want to drive in my own community because of this. I’m tired!” Barbour sobbed.

Forney PD did post an apology to the family on Facebook and called the incident 'unfortunate.' They also defended what they say was standard procedure based on the information they had at the time.

This case is turning into way more than just a case of mistaken identity.

Folks are asking Forney PD to make some changes, starting with recruiting & hiring African American police officers.

“We are asking, we’re insisting, we’re demanding that Forney begin a campaign to recruit and retain -- don’t just recruit them, but retain -- African American police officers,” said Dr. Frederick Haynes of Friendship West Baptist Church.

Obviously, no charges were filed against Kametra Barbour. But, this case isn't over.

“We plan to immediately file a civil action lawsuit for the City of Forney; the Police Department violated Mrs. Barbour, her kids, and God-kids civil rights,” said attorney Ray Jackson.

Yeah, looks like the ones in legal trouble are the Forney PD.


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