Mom stabs boyfriend after finding him naked on 12-year-old daughter


close-up of man holding knife smeared with blood and still dripping.

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CLEVELAND – A mother stabbed her boyfriend with a pocketknife after finding him naked on top of her 12-year-old daughter.

The incident happened around 2:30 am. Officers responded to a home after getting a call from the mom saying that she had stabbed her boyfriend five times in the chest and once in the back of the head, according to police.

After finding him on top of her daughter while heading to bed early that morning, according to a police report, she grabbed her pocket knife and lunged at him.

The daughter told police the boyfriend sexually assaulted her and said “this is what it’s like in the real world when you have a boyfriend.”

The boyfriend offered a different version of events, saying that the mom attacked him out of jealousy because the daughter might have developed feelings for him.

Neither the mom or the boyfriend have been charged with any crimes, but police are still investigating the incident as a potential rape case.

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