Mmmm… Austin Brewery Rolls Out 99-Pack of Beer!

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99beerAUSTIN, TX — Beer lovers are celebrating now that a brewery in Austin has rolled out the ultimate party packs. When a six-pack or even a case won’t do — how about a 99-pack?!

That’s right. Austin Beerworks has unveiled the very first 99-pack of beer. For $99 you can haul off an 82-pound, 7-foot long package of suds.

The company filled each can with its Peacemaker blonde ale.

But after you and your buddies down nearly a hundred beers, keeping things quiet at your next house party isn’t going to be easy.

In case you were wondering, only certain stores in Austin will have the 99-pack special in-stock.

Here’s a question — why should all the tubers and college students down there have all the fun? It seems to us like a road trip is in order.

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