Mistakenly Released Prisoners Remain On the Run

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DALLAS – They can run, and it seems they CAN hide.

It’s been a month since nearly two dozen prisoners were mistakenly released from the Dallas County Jail. Three are back in custody, but there are still 20 more to go!

How the heck does something like this happen?! Blame it on a computer glitch and a delay in filing the cases.

Five of the cases are family violence crimes. Ray Herron is back behind bars, but that still leaves four. Regustino Calixto, Tramone Price, James Lacy were arrested for roughing up their significant other.

According to police reports, one woman, Lakeisha Monroe was arrested for assaulting her wheelchair-bound husband.

Family shelters are trying to put a stop to all this.

“When the perpetrator’s arrested, the victim can find another place to live, find another way to stay safe,” Executive Director of the Family Place Paige Flink said.  “And so you need that time. when someone is released early, it can be really frightening because you think they’re going to be in there a certain amount of time, and they’re not.”

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