DALLAS (KDAF) — Reports around the entertainment TV world are saying millions of people were glued to HBO Sunday night as the House of the Dragon premiered and Game of Thrones fans seemed to be ever-so delighted with the product on the screen.

Yes, yes, we all know everyone was and still remains upset at the ending that the Game of Thrones series had years ago, but let’s give this a fighting chance, shall we? We’re all excited it’s true, but you might be interested in what GOT house the state you live in is most interested in.

USDish, an authorized reseller of DISH, put out a study of the most searched Game of Thrones house in your state. To no one’s surprise House Targaryen reigned supreme followed by an interesting house, House Tyrell.

“House Targaryen was the most googled Great House of Westeros in 16 states, while House Tyrell was the most googled in 10 states,” the study says.

So, what house is the state of Texas most interested in? House Royce… That’s right, House Royce, the house that serves House Arryn of the Vale. Florida was also most interested in this house, why? No one knows.

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