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Let’s talk eyebrows. Like fashion, brow trends come and go. Back in the day we plucked them out, because thin brows were all the rage, but today thick full brows are in demand.

Microblading is the hottest trend of the past few years.

Thick, full eyebrows are all the rage in 2018. And thanks to microblading we can all achieve that red carpet brow the celebs are loving.

“It’s such a natural effect. We basically create an effect of hair by hair, so it looks like you just grew hair instead of an actual tattoo” says Daniela Bell, of Daniela Bell Beauty.

Yeah you heard that right. Microblading, a semi-permanent tattoo for the brows is transforming faces around the country, and celeb makeup artist Bell says for good reason.

“I just love the effect. It’s a genius way to get your brows back without being so harmful. It’s all organic the chemicals that we use.”

Microblading can be a full brow transformation, or a simple touchup.

Bell says “We’ll need a little more definition at the end of the brows. So for people who have a brow and just need a little more definition.”

After expertly tracing the shape of each brow a small blade is used to make hair like slits in the brow and then a dye is placed over top giving you a brand new look in no time all.

“It takes about an hour and thirty minutes. I have had clients that have little to no brow that takes me a little longer like one to two hours” says Bell.

But it is important to remember microblading doesn’t come without risks.

Bell advises “You have to do a lot of research and make sure that the place you are going is certified. Make sure it’s a place that certifies that it knows what it is doing.”

Bell stresses to ask to see a microblading certification from an accredited school (and be advised there are hundreds) and she also says make sure the business has a license from the Department Of Health and ask to see both.

Microblading usually requires a touch up every 6-9 months to keep it fresh, but it can last up to a year before it really starts to fade away.