Michigan Airport K9 Adds “Skydiver” to Work Title

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TRAVERSE CITY, MI —  Who says work can’t be fun? One dog in Michigan is proving work can be very enjoyable.

Piper the Airport K9 works at the Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City.

The border collie’s main job is to chase animals away, including ducks and geese. The dog also clears debris from the runway.

Last month, Piper got the chance to do something most dogs would probably find pretty terrifying.

The Cherry Capital Airport posted this video on Facebook of Piper’s first skydive!

Piper’s handler used the 360° view to show the new adventure to the world.

His trainer said they jump from about 5,000 feet, which is about half the distance for a normal first-time jump.

The collie also sported his special vest and helmet for the occasion. Both items were donated.

This will likely not be Piper’s last jump. Many might think this is crazy, but it was just another day at the office for Piper.

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