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MESQUITE — Mesquite musician Art Greenhaw is not only a happening musician, and a Grammy winner, but now he`s adding comic book creator to his long resume. “This is the first issue, God`s Silver Soldiers, Christian superheroes,” said Greenhaw.

A faith-based comic book that looks into the question, ‘Why bad things happen to good people?’ In the first issue, God creates a team to take on evil.

There`s a story behind his characters like Moses Malone, one of the good guys. And a female superhero named after the governor’s wife. “One of our Silver soldiers that I named for the current first lady of Texas, Cecilia Abbott,” revealed Greenhaw.

Greenhaw  hasn’t created  just any other first edition comic book, it’s already got the attention of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee. “He loved the idea, he thought faith-based and moral and spiritual value books would be just perfect for the whole world,” he said.

Greenhaw has put out an album to go along with the comic book debut and he hopes to go into full production on the theology based comic book. Right now he says there is a limited supply but he is taking orders by email.

But hey, do the good guys win in the end? “Wham, boom, bam, to be continued,” says Greenhaw.