Amazing Acro-Cats Traveling Cat Circus

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BOULDER, CO – James Bond fans know all about Pussy Galore and her Flying Circus, but what you may not know is that there really is a circus featuring trained cats.

The Amazing Acro-Cats  includes rescues, stays, and misfits.

Samantha Martin is the top cat. “It started out very simply with a couple of ladders and a big rope I got from the hardware store. Thirteen and a half of the cats are mine, I count kitten as half a cat. They are all my cats.”

Martin wanted to show people that you can actually train a cat, contrary to what most cat owners will tell you.

“The cats roll barrels, push shopping carts, jump through hoops, do long jumps, high jumps, ring bells, and even play in an all cat band called the rock cats.”

So, she quit her job as a zookeeper and ran away with the cat circus.

It’s now her full-time job, as ring-master and master cat herder of The Amazing Acro-Cats.

Real live proof that you are not dreaming if you think you can teach your cat to ring your bell and roll your ball.

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