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MONTREAL, QUEBEC–Hey ladies! Wanna figure out whether your new guy is gonna turn out to be a gentleman or a jerk?

A new study says all signs point to the length of his fingers.


Researchers in Canada actually went around measuring men’s fingers.

Turns out a guy whose index finger– that’s the pointer… is shorter than his ring finger… is gonna be nicer.  More agreeable.

If the fingers are about the same length, the dude will more likely be difficult and hot-tempered.

And if his index finger is longer, RUN!

The researchers say it all boils down to how much testosterone he was exposed to in the womb. More testosterone, shorter index finger.

And it’s not just his mood that’s linked to his finger length.

A study in 2011 found that when his pointer is shorter, he’s likely to be more, uh… gifted downtown.

Don’t make me spell it out for you, folks.

On the other hand, so to speak, a study just a couple of weeks ago found that the guy with the shorter index finger is more likely to sleep around.

So, pick your battles, ladies. He might be nicer. You just might not be the *only* one he’s being nice to.