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MCKINNEY — If you’ve logged onto Facebook, Twitter or the Gram, there’s no way you could’ve missed a mountain of memes “meme-ing” the recent McKinney incident.

Yeah, people are clipping their own versions of this viral video and are making meme of the situation.

Here are a few that are trending and raising questions.


This one compares the McKinney cop chaos to the biker arrests in Waco.

MEME3 (2)

Then there are a few that make a statement without any text.

Check out this powerful drawing.


It shows 14-year-old Dajerria Becton. But this time, she’s standing over Cpl. Eric Casebolt.

Another one quotes Malcolm X on black women in America…


And you can’t ignore the ones that’ll probably make you LOL… literally.


And if you missed the barrel roll at the beginning of the McKinney pool video, there are plenty of memes that caught it.


Hey, you can always count on folks to meme what they say.