Meet the students of the El Centro College Mentor Cooking Competition going down at the Taste of Dallas


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When you think of a cooking competition, you might conjure images of some cantankerous chef with a British accent, yelling at subjugates in manner no respectful adult should ever speak to another in.

For the upcoming El Centro College Mentor Cooking competition at the 33rd Annual Taste of Dallas, they’re looking to mentor, bolster skills and launch careers in the culinary arts; not create therapy bills.

The Taste of Dallas, El Centro College, and Mission Restaurant Supply will team students from El Centro’s Food and Hospitality Institute with well-known chef mentors.

These mentors and their teams will face off in six different cooking competitions, in which they will receives mystery basket of ingredients.  Only the student can cook, but the chef mentor will work with the student, coaching them in the possibilities.

No yelling or berating, but you can witness the development of what it takes to be successful in the culinary industry.

One winner in each competition will be awarded a medal of recognition. All participating students will be treated to a VIP Dining Experience with one guest at their mentor chef’s restaurant.

Meet the students of the El Centro College Mentor Cooking Competition (click to view all)

The teams will be lead by Chefs Jeana Johnson, Anastacia Quinones, Joel Orsini, Matt McCallister, Janice Provost, and Abraham Salum.

The Taste of Dallas has also teamed up with The Greater Dallas Restaurant Association to offer eight $1000 Chefs Of Tomorrow scholarships for any culinary student who volunteers at the Taste of Dallas.

“The food and hospitality industry provides rewarding careers,” observed Cheryl Weis, Director of Operations for Taste of Dallas. “We’re proud that Taste of Dallas can play a role in encouraging the next generation of talent to pursue fulfilling careers in the culinary arts.”

The 33rd Annual Taste of Dallas runs from June 7 – 8. Tickets and more information can be found at

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