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DALLAS — After the Warriors topped the Cavs to take home the NBA title, two of the team’s stars got into a good old fashioned diss war.

First Draymond Green rocked this shirt during the Warriors victory parade, spoofing the logo for the Cavs arena and referencing the quick win Golden State scored in the series.

Then Lebron James screen grabbed the shot of Draymond in the Quickie shirt on Instagram and simply commented, “that’s what she said!”

For these local guys, though, this was much more than a fun back and forth between two superstars. After all, they’re the ones that designed the shirt over at Humble Flourish Brand!

“It’s been surreal, just the amount of tweets the amount of Instagram posts is flashing in front of our eyes and we’re just grabbing it by the horns at this point,” said Eric Grayson, a brand ambassador with Humble Flourish Brand.

Here’s a crazy twist on the story, too. They got the pitch to make the shirt from a friend, who works with Draymond!

“The client that he works for, Draymond Green, had an idea for a t-shirt design so he called me up told me what the design was,” said Rufus Williams. “He wanted to do a Quickie because he thought they would actually sweep the Cavs.”

That’s some confidence! Of course, they did have to make a small sacrifice in designing the shirt.

“I’m actually a big Cavs fan, I’m from Cleveland,” Chris Mahone, the designer of the shirt said. “It was kind of conflicting because it was a business opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

And good thing they didn’t because since then the shirts have been flying off the shelves!

“My house looks like a real fulfillment center right now,” laughed Williams. “Literally.”

Just goes to show, whether it’s basketball or making a t-shirt, when you get your shot in a big game, better take it and knock it down.