Meet the Deaf Whataburger Employee Who’s Inspiring the World

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DENTON -- Sometimes a little kindness can go a long way and turn a frustrating situation into an inspiration. That's what happened Saturday at a Denton Whataburger.

Taylor Pope, a Team Leader at the restaurant, is deaf. His hearing depends on a cochlear implant and reading lips.

"When I first started the job, it was difficult because it was new people," said Taylor.

That was over two years ago. Since then, he's become part of the family, to the point that his coworkers learned enough sign language to wish him a Happy 20th Birthday!

"It was heartwarming," Taylor said of the gesture. "I was so surprised."

But Taylor's disability can make it hard to take orders from customers. Late Saturday night, the line was backing up.

"The lines were long," said Kolbie Sanders, one of the customers in line. "Everyone was hungry."

Yeah, it's not hard to imagine the mood turning sour in a dining room full of "hangry" customers. But Kolbie says that's not what happened at all!

"He had told the couple in front of me that he was deaf and to write their order down," she recalled. "She just kinda lit up and was actually excited to be able to help him. It was just overwhelming at how sweet everybody was. Even being in a situation like that, he was just smiling the whole time."

Kolbie took a picture of Taylor and posted the story on Facebook where it went viral!

"All over the world, people have messaged me saying that this post has touched them," said Sanders.

Taylor said while all the attention was the last thing he expected, "I feel happy about inspiring the world."

Yeah... What-A-Story!

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