Meet North Texas’s Banjo-Making, Inked-Up, Kung-Fu Santa Claus

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OVILLA, TEXAS — Ever wonder what Santa Claus does once the presents are all delivered and Christmas is over?

Well, meet Chuck Lee.  Chuck is a professional Santa Claus, at least during the Christmas season.

But now, he says, “All my attire is at the cleaners and for me, the Santa season’s over.”

Yep, for Santa Chuck, it’s back to the workshop.  He runs the Chuck Lee Banjo Company out of his backyard!

And it’s kind of a big deal.

“We’ve built 748 instruments so far,” Lee told NewsFix.  “And we have instruments all over the world.”

“I’m part of the Smithsonian Banjo Makers series.  I’m internationally famous, and no one knows who I am in my daily travels.”

Lee, a self-professed introvert, says he doesn’t mind the lack of recognition, or being mistaken for Santa Claus year-round.

Though, he says there’s some disagreement over whether his arm tattoos are naughty or nice.

“Some families, that’s a concern for them,” said Lee.  “A lot of people, it’s like ‘oh no, Santa’s cool!'”

And speaking of cool Santa, get this:  Lee’s even active in kung fu!  He’s a student in an adult class, and helps teach a class for kids.

Man, kung-fu Santa… Now there’s a reason to stay off the naughty list!

For the most part though, Chuck’s next ten months will be spent focusing on his world-class banjo business.

Said Lee: “I’ll be in this workshop most of the time between now and October.”

After that, it’ll be time to put on that red suit yet again, and get back to his other job: making kids smile.

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