Medical Makeover: New Parkland Set for Dedication

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DALLAS, TX -- Chances are, at some point, you or someone you know has been treated at Parkland Hospital.

Hey, this place has been around a long time in Dallas County. It is, after all, the hospital where President Kennedy was taken after he was shot.

Well, soon, the 50-plus year old building will be history.  That’s right – Parkland health care has a new look.

“You’ll see that this represents a major increase in our capabilities, and what we can do for the care and sick and injured patients here at Parkland,” chief of trauma surgery Alex Eastman said.

Hey, that sounds like a positive diagnosis. In fact, staff tells NewsFix the new Parkland will have 862-spacious rooms, complete with state-of-the-art technology.

What’s more, the additional space means more comfort for families staying at a patient’s bedside.

"There’s a family room, a family area, the couch pulls out and research has shown that getting your family involved helps the healing process. So, we’re welcoming families here and that’s something we don’t have the ability to do in our old hospital, since we have semi-private rooms; every room here is a private room,” Parkland nursing operation specialist Sheila Depaoloa said.

Anyone who has ever stayed overnight in a hospital knows that is a nice upgrade.

“It’s a completely different experience – it’s a much more private, much safe experience," Lou Saksen, Sr. Vice President of Parkland facilities said.

On Monday, the new $1.3B hospital will be officially dedicated. But, don’t expect to check-in just yet. The new Parkland won’t open until mid-August.

Until then, Saksen says the staff is busy, learning the lay of the land.

"There’s groups of employees that come over and get oriented to their new space, but also the new systems and how to work the new systems.”

Hey – this place is sick...and we mean that in a good way.

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