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FRISCO — The Cowboys may be on a losing streak but #95 is WINNING off the field!

When David Irving isn’t sacking players, he’s snapping pictures like this:

Uhhhh… insert big eye emoji here.

NewsFix caught up with the defensive lineman in the lockerroom and let’s just say he’s pretty humble about his (uh) assets.

“Right now I’m not in model shape, I weigh 302, I was in off-season when I took that picture, where I was probably 280, 275,” Irving explained.

After taking up several acting classes, the Cali-native says he found a passion beyond the football field.

“Could’ve done some stuff on Broadway but Coach didn’t let it happen,” he added. “Got in the way of our spring training and all that good stuff.”

Well, this isn’t the first time Irving has been in the spotlight.

Just recently, Irving was the only Cowboy who raised the fist after the national anthem.

Oh… and we can’t forget his little nipple ring tear during camp. But, according to his modeling pic, it looks like his nipple has (uh) recovered well.

Irving says he’ll be releasing another exclusive picture sometime during the holidays.

And we WILL be on the look out 👀.