McKinney brothers take on the inventions!

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MCKINNEY — Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Bishop Curry V, and Isaiah Curry; what do they all have in common?

They’re inventors!

You may have already heard of 11-year-old Bishop Curry V, who created the Oasis, which attaches to a car seat and blows cool air on a child left alone in a car while alerting the authorities.

In just two weeks, the goal of $20,000 for Bishop’s invention was in the backseat.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” says Bishop, explaining his reaction.

His mother Tia agreed, “That was a shock to us. We went to look for lawyers and we found out how much it would cost to get his idea patented, and start manufacturing.”

Tia says what to do after the idea is a learning process.

Enter Bishop’s little brother, 9-year-old Isaiah Curry.

“I have a company called Kid Ladder,” explains Isaiah. “It’s a workshop, basically, like a summer camp for kids to learn about prototyping, investing, and design.”

“For parents and children and families who’s kids have inventions cause there’s a lot of kids with some great ideas,” says Tia.

Two of those kids, obviously, are Bishop and Isaiah.

“You want them to have a heart of service, to add value to their community and their school and just the people they’re around, and just to see them actually live them out, it’s like, ‘Oh, you are listening to me!'” says Tia.

So they may play like young boys, but for those who say 9 and 11 are too young to accomplish these kinds of things….

“I’m like, ‘Deal with it!'” says Bishop.

His invention will be in stores sometime in the next year or two, and Isaiah’s summer camp? Well, that’s happening this summer.

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