McDonald’s brings back Szechuan sauce for one day only in Dallas!

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DALLAS — For one day only, McDonald’s is bringing that old thing back by offering Szechuan sauce that hasn’t been sold with a McNugget since the 90s.

“We drove at midnight for three hours to get here so we could get our Szechuan Sauce,” one couple said as they waited in line.


“We’ve got to try it,” the couple said. “The hype is real. The hype is too real.”

The Mickey D’s on Greenville Avenue in Dallas was the only one for miles offering the limited edition sauce, and they only had 22 packets!

“I am so excited, we are going to frame it and put it on our wall,” another couple said. “This will be an adventure to tell our children that ‘Hey, we waited 8 hours for a sauce.'”

Several people showed up because the sauce was mentioned in a strange clip from the cartoon “Rick and Morty,” a scene that some say sparked the push to bring Szechuan Sauce back.

Sunday, the sauce is going right back in the McDonald’s vault.

Hopefully, you won’t have to wait too many decades before you get another shot at trying some.

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