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DALLAS —  On Monday fifty Dallas officers enjoyed a free fajita lunch, all because of one man’s heroic act one year ago! That one man just happened to be Mike Rawlings.

“I was down with my family downstairs , and got up and poor lady, eating fajita nachos, passed out right behind me, I grabbed her and gave her the Heimlich and out came the fajita nacho,” Rawlings said.

Yup, talk about being at the right place at right time and having the mayor save your life!

El Fenix awarded the fearless Rawlings the “golden sombrero plaque”, a thousand dollars for the GrowSouth Fund, and a day in his honor called “Mayor Mike Rawlings Day”

In addition, the restaurant honored Dallas’s finest for their bravery during the Dallas shooting.

“Men and women in blue, the things that you do, the fact that you put your life on the line every day for the city and everything that you do, we are just so thankful for you guys and we pray that we keep you safe out there in the field,” said Mike Karns, Firebird Restaurant Group CEO.

The shooting was one month and a day ago. For a while it seemed to be all anyone could talk about. It’s refreshing to see the conversation has changed.

“I see it in individuals as well, coming up and hugging a police officer,” he said. “Somebody says thank you to them, and that’s what makes our city come together.”