Mayor in France wants to ban festival for black women

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PARIS, FRANCE — Women of all races, all across the world, marched in January to fight for their civil rights.

Sydney, Berlin, London, Brussels, and Paris all marched in solidarity, but it seems even though Paris participated in these marches, not everyone got the memo.

There’s a black feminist festival scheduled to take place in Paris this summer that’s getting quite a bit of attention and not necessarily in a good way. Anne Hidalgo, the socialist Mayor of Paris was trying to ban it because she thought it was “prohibiting white people”.

She even went so far as to say she was “condemning the festival” and reported it to the police. However, people say the mayor jumped the gun.

From the beginning, the festival events were divided into four categories; or as others may describe it, the festival will be segregated into events exclusive to black women, black men and women, women of color, and open to everyone.

The International League Against Racism and Antisemitism put out a statement saying, “Rosa Parks would be turning in her grave. The fight against racism has become an alibi for identity isolationism.”

As for Hidalgo, she has backed down after saying her “firm intervention” created a solution, even though organizers say they didn’t really change anything, so it looks like the festival will go on.

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